Too Old Men

Why don't you let me set the scene…imagine a bar, on Crescent street just like any other bar. It's dark, smoky, noisy and full of your average Joes – not exactly the ideal location for meeting someone decent. Some are old, some are unattractive and maybe one or two are worth looking at, but for the most part there is nothing here of interest. This is the situation I faced when one of my dear friends dragged me to that fateful Crescent street bar.

Not that this situation is entirely bad – I mean we have good times, we laugh and drink and try to talk above the noise. Whether or not we succeed is a different story, but we always make sure we look while doing it. Beauty is as beauty does and very little beats your average coed in the sexiness department. One of our mottoes: if you got it, you use it: and that night we did! Not that I am proud of our actions, but we did have fun…

As we sat there and sparkled with vibrant young sexuality we attracted the attention of two more mature male patrons. Round after round of drinks were sent to our table free of charge while we giggled and sipped away at free poison. Reality was nothing more then a hazy blur we washed away with every 'cheers' and the dark bar became a glorious playground of possibility.

In the end though, we were drunk – not stupid. The good looking men disappeared as mirages do when confronted with reality. Sensing the encroachment of our mature suitors coming to claim their reward for all that free alcohol my girlfriend and I did the only thing possible in our drunken state: we turned to each other. May my lips forever freeze but I devoured her mouth like a starving child in order to escape all those older predators. Is that what the world has come to? Pseudo lesbian encounters in order to ward off scary old men in dark corners? The surreal quality of that night still haunts the corners of my mind if only because it awakens questions I cannot answer…

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