Trooper with Vox Crosby / May 27, 2004

The first song of the night said it all, "We're Here For a Good Time", as Trooper took the stage at Bourbon Street West Thursday night. The Canadian rockers regaled the audience with a set of solid hits that had everyone singing and celebrating the music that continues to be part of our lives today. Keeping the audience in their jovial mood the band continued with "Three Dressed Up as A Nine" into "Baby Won't Ya Please Come" and then the crowd favourite "One for the Show". With strong vocals from front man Ra McGuire, the band kept it entertaining and fun. Completing the band was Brian Smith on guitar, Gogo on keyboards, Scott Brown on bass and Frankie Baker on drums. Playing old and new material, the band and audience fed off each other to create non-stop energy. To keep the audience going, the set ended with what everyone was waiting for, "Pretty Lady", "Boys in the Bright White Sports Car" and "Raise a Little Hell". A fan from the audience singing "We're Here For A Good Time" accompanied by the band closed the show. No doubt he was having a good time. After the show, the band came out to sign autographs, CDs and t-shirts. This is a band that knows how to show fan appreciation.

Opening the show was Montreal's own Vox Crosby. If you haven't heard of him yet, you will. Playing acoustic guitar, the audience was treated to his original material as well as a superb cover version of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire". Crosby will soon be joining Brenndan McGuire (also known for recordings with Sam Roberts and Sloan) in the recording studio on Vancouver Island. Vox has already recorded with Malcolm Burn, a Grammy winner who's worked with Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Blue Rodeo and many others. By the sound of his music and the waves he's making in the music industry, it looks like we'll be hearing a lot more from Vox Crosby.

Set List:
We're Here for a Good Time
Three Dressed Up as a Nine
Baby Won't Ya Please Come
Two for the Show
Boy With a Beat
Round and Around We Go
Cold Water
Thin White Line
General Hand Grenade
Santa Maria
Pretty Lady
Boys in the Bright White Sports Car
Raise a Little Hell

Encore: We're Here for a Good Time with fan from the audience

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