If you're in the mood for intense speed metal, Rhapsody is the band for you! This Italian quintet really knows how to rock. "Tales From The Emerald Saga" combines powerful, intricate guitar work and soaring vocals with classical music, creating a sound like no other. Rhapsody is known for playing a melodic and symphonic form of power metal known as Hollywood Metal. This is characterized by a heavy sound with strong influences from classical and folk music. In fact, composers Luca Turilli (guitar) and Alex Staropoli (keyboards) are most inspired by classical composers Vivaldi, Paganini, Bach, Handel and Telemann. Rhapsody also includes sections of medieval chamber music (performed with authentic instruments) on many of their songs. The band came together in 1993, when Luca Turilli's initial project (Thundercross) wasn't going as planned. Since then, Rhapsody has changed it members numerous times, with the current lineup as: Fabio Lione (vocals), Luca Turilli (guitar), Alessandro Lotta (bass), and Alex Staropoli (keyboards) and Alex Holzworth (drums). Lione has only recently joined the band, and has proven to be the perfect addition to Rhapsody. His incredibly powerful voice and phenomenal range fill in any empty voids on this album. Though the album plays in the form of a story and thus works as a whole, certain songs rise above the rest: "Warrior of Ice", "Land of Immortals", "Emerald Sword", "Dawn of Victory" and "Lamento Eroico" (an Italian operatic piece) are top picks.

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