Montreal International Reggae Festival

"You don't have to be dread to be Rasta." Morgan Heritage's words permeated the hazy atmosphere of the Old Port, assuring everyone that to be Rasta is a conception of the heart and mind. That's what it all comes down to on the second day of the Montreal International Reggae Festival.

Just when you thought that it could not get any better, you were most definitely mistaken. June 5th marked another phenomenal success for the Festival. Soulful, revitalizing, entertaining and positive! Montreal is the epicenter of this amazing reggae experience, at least for this weekend.

We were graced with the spiritual Rasta messages sung and danced by greats like Luciano and Mikey General. On their lips "Jah Rastafari!" was an earnest prayer. Morgan Heritage, who represent the newer generation of reggae bands, displayed their musically conscious prowess. Their energy was infectious and the crowd participation was formidable. Also on stage were reggae veterans, Culture, and two words come to mind: still fresh. Culture works the same magic that he did in 1977.

Montreal is not only a music centre, it is a filmmaking hub. We had a star on set, Anthony Anderson of "Kangaroo Jack", who expressed his love for Montreal. Why wouldn't he? Montreal rocks!

Now that you have the 411, you know that The Montreal International Reggae Festival is not to be dismissed. On the 6th of June, the great names are Buju Banton, Half Pint, Freddie McGregor and Jimmy Riley.

Come and see why reggae remains a positively revolutionary force.

See you all there. One love!

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