Johanne Blouin / Vic Vogel

Put on your most comfortable attire, bring out the red wine and snugly place yourself on the recliner. Then put on Johanne Blouin and Vic Vogel's "Until I Met You" and feel the stress leave your body. This feel good compilation consists of hand selected Jazzed up popular classics, which, unites two entities that mesh like the icing on your frosted flakes.

Blouin has known Vogel and the degree of his skill and perception since her early childhood when he would visit her parents who also shared a fondness for Jazz music. Years later when it came down to recording her second contribution to this specific genre, she could think of no better collaborator than the expert pianist, arranger and conductor of Le Jazz Big Band, the music supply for this project.

The meeting of both minds has resulted in a crisp, sultry, vibrant and sexy array of songs that overtly exhibits the sweetness and power of Blouin's voice and Vogel's gift as arranger. Deedles Blues, Blues in the Night and I Get a Kick Out of You are examples of finger-snapping gems that trigger other parts of your body to slowly gyrate. Yet, Until I Met You would only be half complete if it was not adjoined by soulful ballads like You've Changed, the Spanish Besame Mucho and I Can't Make you Love Me. The Chemistry between Vogel and Blouin is undeniable and perhaps the impetus behind the groove, tenderness and sophistication spewing from this CD. Hopefully seconds will be served in the near future.

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