Lee Perry Vs. Sly and Robbie

With a triple barrel delivery of bombastic beats, outlandish and repetitive but intricately woven harmonies in the microcosms of three CDs, 36 tracks and over two hours of music, there is enough reggae in this anthology to provide the soundtrack for your boxed in dube fests and to enhance your state of numbness to levels humans have yet to experience.

The first disc is a musical fusion of Reggae Icon, forerunner and master Lee "Scratch" Perry and U-Roy's contemporary I-Roy. The evolution of this musical genre into the modern period certainly manifests itself in the first 16-song disc as the basic reggae beat takes on an electronic persona and is backed by unexpected syncopated timing, the fundamental boom and of poise of fanciful bass licks and towards the end rant like vocal performances that add a wilder dimension to the experience. Lee Perry Special Dub, This is the Scorcher, Jack of my Trade and Bedwood in August Town are examples of why Perry is considered the Miles Davis of Reggae and I-Roy before drifting into obscurity in the mid-eighties acquired international commendation.

The next two discs only expand on the evolution process as some of Sly and Robbie's highly revered 80's material produced by the reputable Prince Jammy, blow our minds with beefy rhythms and imposing drum and bass playing characteristic of sly and Robbie's brilliant musicianship. Jah is with you, Sound Man Style and Eden club on the first cd along with Mystic Style, His imperial majesty and See No Evil on the second could only give you a hint of this duo's boundless creative scope and so a complete listen will allow you to get the overall gist and the invigorating state of mind this cd can surely instigate. It is no wonder the pair were requested by the likes of Bob Dylan and Grace Jones to sublimate and season their respective styles of music with the uncompromising heaviness common to Sly and Robbie's crass reggae.

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