Ojos de Brujo

Ojos de Brujo translates as "eyes of the wizard" in the Catalan (gypsy) language and is a rather appropriate name for the extraordinarily surreal music of Barcelona's hip-hop Flamenco outfit. If that combination of musical styles doesn't already sound enticing, mix it with rumba, salsa, funk and a dash of reggae and what you get is a sophomore product that exhibits a go-ahead vividness and dexterity that will have your jaw sweeping the floor.

Between the virtuous voice of newcomer vocalist Marina "La Canillas", the squeaky high fly scratching of Panko, the unbridled rhythm raking and exquisite lead of Ramon Glmenez, juxtaposed with the rest of this highly talented cast Bari, is nothing short of stellar from start to finish. Flamenco from its inception has always been a musical form designed to channel the social hardships endured by its artists and make no mistake the emotional struggle at the core of this genre is not lost in the eclectic genus intermingling but actually bears a more positive frame of mind. Xavi Turull, the band's percussionist expounds that Bari " is a word that Ramon, who's Gypsy, picked up from his grandmother. It's kind of like the feeling that everything in life is working right. That everything feels good." Without a shadow of a doubt, this product is damn good and the only suggestion one could give to anybody with an opened mind is to purchase this cd because it is absolutely flawless. Whiter it's the opening track Tiempo de Solea, Zambra, Buleria del Ay or Cale Bari, Ojos du Brujo's music is infinitely inspiring and uplifting.

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