The Winnerys

Although their sound has been compared to the Kinks, Stones and Hollies, one listen to The Winnerys debut self titled disc is all that is needed to be swept back into time and transported to the early, electrifying days of the Beatles. Indeed, knock offs can be temporal flashes in the pan riding waves cast years ago by Troubadours who hand crafted legacies and timeless contributions. Perhaps The Winnery's can't be given kudos for originality but do deserve a tip of the hat and thumbs up for first rate song writing that immortalizes a time, sound and feeling so charming and precious that you'll want to embrace this CD like a child embraces and receives comfort from a teddy bear. Okay, I tried for a Kodak moment there but you get my drift.

The Madrid based quartet (surprise, surprise) certainly begin on an auspicious note with this disc as the principle song writing team of bassist/vocalist Javier Polo and confederate singer and lead guitarist Fausto Martin offer up an extra large platter of psychedelic seasoned pop delights. Every Day, Your Smile For Me, Messages Inside, In My Garden and I'll Be Waiting for You, only partially represent the extent of the masterful musicianship circumscribed in this introductory work and are affluent in radiating three-part vocal harmonies and classic 60's guitar riffs. If The Winnerys ever amount to international success, you can guarantee a lot more drug induced naked prancing through opened fields to occur.

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