Various Artists

Get ready to rock! The songs that you know, love and wish you were still hearing on the radio are here in pristine quality. These two albums include 32 of the best songs heard including R.E.M., Rod Stewart, Genesis, INXS, Blue Rodeo, Alice Cooper and many more. Whether you can sing all the worlds to Uncle Kracker's hit "Follow Me" or ZZ Top's great tune "Rough Boy," you can find at least 60% awesome music on this disk. The forty percent will depend on the breadth of your music taste. It's the music that sells these two CD's – what a change from the average inarticulate crap regularly promoted by today's media. The Jeff Healy Band is here with "While My Guitir Gently Weeps," The Doobie Brothers with "You Belong To Me, America," also "A Horse with No Name" and "Changes." This CD is great for chilling out or rocking around when cleaning you apartment. You know these songs, love 'em and can probably add your pipes to the back up vocals. This is the kind of CD that makes you glad to spend money on music-because this is a real true-to-god awesome rock and roll compilation album.

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