This is the type of disk that can spend a week in your CD player. A mix of bluesy rough guitar riffs with a smattering of pop intentions plus whatever it is that inspires Wilco. The disk delivers an intense eclectic sound that is perfect for late night work sessions. Somehow sitting in the dark with a lamp and "A Ghost is Born" drifting out at a fairly good volume level is simultaneously comforting and creative. Listening to the guitar sound on "At Least That's What You Said "or "Hell is Chrome" is thoroughly enjoyable with its distinct sense of realism. The spiraling electric-guitar jams or sustained feedback howls launch into a rambunctious, screeching electric guitar leads. All of these creative elements culminate magnificently to produce an album that is never about excessive noise but instead carefully planned music to relate more then words could ever communicate. The majority of this disk is fairly sparse and includes the essence of Crazy Horse, the Band, the Beatles and the Replacements. Jeff Tweedy's songwriting is highlighted by "Hummingbird" which is a dreamy love song reminiscent of early Bob Dylan. A Ghost is Born is a complete departure from the band's previous offering "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot." Wilco turns on the buzzes, creaks and feedback to reinvent themselves into a hauntingly musical and adventurous group.

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