Nina Hagen / June 24, 2004

Tonight is St. Jean Baptist; a major holiday for all Quebecers and I have to cover the Nina Hagen show at Club Unison II, on St.Catherine Street. Unfortunately our photographer forgot his camera, so he had to rush back to his place to fetch his gear.

Once we arrived, the Club's bouncer declared that the show is sold-out. Fortunately our names were on the media list and we got in. Once upstairs, the second set of bouncers told us another photographer, just left…"the crowd is too thick you'll never get through; yet we did.

Unfortunately, the only song I recognized was Hagen's version of "I Did It My Way," and she did. If anyone remembered the songs or wrote them down please forward them to and I will include the tunes in this article.

Hagen's musical diversity was something I did not expect. The crowd although crammed into the club was a lot more behaved and civil than I had anticipated. Nina Hagen's fan base was evident at the show, her fans hanging from the rafters and standing on the bar, just to get a glimpse of their enduring icon from Berlin.

My sole disappointment of the evening was the lack of "freaks" in the audience (of course by freaks I mean it in the kindness way). Yes the bearded man in the tutu was there and so were a few skin heads, but something or someone was missing. All in all, Hagen put on an energized show that lasted about 2 hours. The Club Unison II was the perfect venue for this show and I look forward to watching more intriguing shows there in the future.

Please forward the set list if you have it to


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