An Immoral End To A Meaningful Relationship – Part II

While my lover and I talked about breaking up often we never changed anything, it was just too painful. Then, one weekend in late October my girlfriend's best friend rang my doorbell…while my girlfriend was out of town. As you can probably see, this was not a chance encounter and my visitor eventually wound up in my bedroom.

We both cheated on my girlfriend; her friend and I. It was terrible but we decided not to reveal our immoral interludes to my ex-girlfriend. Ironically, shortly after the dirty deed I felt I had no choice but to come clean about what had happened, but I had agreed not to say anything, so I kept quiet. I had never cheated on anyone before or after and I began to feel embarrassed of myself, eventually this led to our final breakup.

I left the person I loved, with my tale between my legs. I took the cowards way out, blocking my mouth from saying anything. I was still feeling hurt, but this time for a completely different reason.

In retrospect I have learned a great deal from that failed relationship. Primarily, I have come to realize that I may love a lot of people and things but I will only be in love a few times in my life…if I'm lucky.

Treat the people you're in love with like a sacred jewel. Don't take them for granted, respect them, be honest with them and shower them with love all the time, even when times are tough. I hope to maintain these standards, if I ever fall in love again.

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