Problems With Latex

As I grow older I seem to notice more and more distinctive idiosyncrasies about myself-I'm sure you all remember my articles about smells. I can only imagine myself sometime in the future living as an eccentric grumpy old man. Nevertheless, I'm not really looking forward to that happening-in fact I even hope that wont happen! People can change right? Well, they can change some things but some problems are irreversible.
One of my serious impediments to intimacy is my allergy to latex. My allergy is so severe that I can not wear latex gloves; my hands break out in a rash within just a few minutes. Likewise, my dentist or doctor can not wear latex gloves during my exam. I have gotten a sore throat from eating in restaurants that prepare their foods with a cook wearing; you guessed it, latex gloves. A common and useful material, latex spells out a miserable existence for people like myself.
Of course there are alternatives when it comes to condoms, yet the substitutes are much less effective. There are very few satisfactory methods to keep everything in the green without those practical items: condoms. This problem with latex cancels out the possibility of intercourse on the first couple of dates. Sex takes more preparation and precautions sans latex but I have come to realize that this may not be a completely terrible situation.
I have decided that before engaging in a meaningful sexual relationship I will insist on both of us going through a full array of STD exams. There are so many awful diseases to be concerned about. It's nice to assure ourselves of our future vigor (I plan to be an active grumpy old man – as long as my old woman still agrees) and well-being of body, mind and soul. Before an alternate to latex condoms can be employed I have to be comfortable knowing that I am going where only healthy people have gone before.
At this point in my life the potential for a relationship has to be really positive in order to go through all of these hoops. Realistically one night stands are no longer a reality in my life time. My new motto is: love is never having to say latex…because love means having truth and trust.

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