The Femm Nameless / Club Balattou, Montreal.

All the way from New York City to Club Balattou in Montreal, The Femm Nameless brought their soulful mix to the stage. Brimming with women power from a multicultural perspective, this group comes across with good intention and a deep message of unity.

Founding member Toli Almasi (lead vocals, trombone, piano, percussion) often performs with Toots & The Mayals, Original Parliment, Skatelites and several other groups. Uma Karkala (sax, keyboards) has also performed with several well known bands such as The Duke Ellington Big Band. Sandra Garcia Rivera (vocals & percussion) performs with Yerba Buena and Sister Chekere. Dawn Drake (bass & percussion) and Dawn McGrath (drums) round out the rhythm section of this musically diverse band. Each member of The "Femms" play several instruments and also perform in other bands. Their mix of afro-world beat rhythms and jazz pack a double punch unlike any other band.

Funky guitar licks, cool rhythms, boppy beats and voices of experience come together to create a sound of sisterhood. For a group that has been together for only three years, these women groove together in such blissful harmonies that one would think they all met at grade school. More power to them, and we hope they have enjoyed their first show in Canada as much as we enjoyed The Femm Nameless. Hope you'll be back soon.

Opening the show at Club Balattou was none other than our local Annie Ebene with a variety of neighborhood talents. This group had the crowd up and dancing with their jumping rhythms and upbeat vocals. It's great to have an international festival showcase some of the awesome music coming out from its hometown.

Nuits DAfrique continues through till next Sunday and there is still a lot of great entertainment to be had. So put on you dancing shoes and come out to catch the beat. See you there.

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