Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Born and nurtured in New York City, the "center of the universe," Mary's (Lindsay Lohan) eccentric mother (Glenne Headley) moves her and her twin sisters to another planet, also known as suburban New Jersey. Being a teenager is difficult enough, but when you're an aspiring actress and full time drama queen, desperate measures are called for. When Mary moves to New Jersey, the first thing she does is change her name to Lola, step one in changing her persona and hopefully finding a place in her new school. Trying to start her new life with a positive attitude and attempting to re-invent herself was not as easy as Lola thought it would be, especially when she meets Carla (Megan Fox), the rich, beautiful, popular and mean girl at her new school. Fortunately, Lola befriends Ella (Alison Pill), a shy, quiet preppy girl who shares her greatest passion, their love for the rock band Sidarthur. Lola joins the drama club and lands the lead role of Eliza in an updated adaptation of Pygmalion, much to the dismay of Carla, who also wanted that part. But Lola's ultimate challenge is to land an invitation to Sidarthur's farewell concert and private party afterwards. Carla and Lola both must be seen at the party to prove to each other that they were invited. Lucky for Lola, her skills as a drama queen were put to good use and she was able to live her dream and come to realize what is really important in life. Although sugar coated and cliché, young girls and drama queens will enjoy the film and young and old, will empathize. Anybody who appreciates cool outrageous clothes will love Lola's wardrobe and accessories.

Bonus Features:
-Confessions from the Set Behind the scenes, interviews with the cast and crew;
-"Eliza's Fantasy" Deleted Scenes;
-Lindsay Lohan music video "That Girl";
-Audio Commentary with director Sara Sugarman, writer Gail Parent and producers Robert Shapiro and Jerry Leider.

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