Lyle Lovett / July 22, 2004

Following a hot sticky day the clouds began to loom over The Green at The Shelburne Museum. The yellow weather resistant ponchos were dispersed to the security crew and the rain seemed inevitable. However, the ever positive Lyle Lovett predicted a rainless concert.

Ray Herndon who also plays in Lovett's band opened with a brisk 30 minute up-beat solo acoustic performance. Evidently a great number of people in attendance enjoyed Herndon's songs, which have the same zest as several of Lovett's compositions. A short intermission followed; then Lovett's 11 piece band warmed up the crowd before Lovett walked up to his microphone. A vocalist, 3 guitar (mandolin) players, a pedal steel player, an upright bass musician, a percussionist, a drummer, the cellist, the violinist and the piano player made up the 11 piece ensemble.

Lovett interacted with the audience quite a bit, talking about arriving in Burlington the day before and relaying to everyone that he really appreciated the warm reception he had received. The concert began at 7:15pm with "That's Right (You're Not From Texas)" and continued for over two hours without a break. By the time the gospel choir began their enchanting multi part harmonies during the encore, the fine mist turned into pouring rain. Obviously, Lyle Lovett is not a meteorologist, but he is one of the finest multi-disciplined musicians on the scene.

Born in Texas in 1957, Lyle Lovett has been performing his unique mix of music professionally for almost 20 years. Everyone remembers Lovett's tumultuous relationship with actress Julia Roberts but he is also distinguished by his wry wit in the songs that he composes. Lyle Lovett's mix of country, jazz, blues, gospel and rock attracts fans from a broad spectrum.

"My Baby Don't Tolerate" is Lovett's most recent studio CD release. It's been seven years since he released "The Road To Ensenada" (his previous studio album). "My Baby Don't Tolerate" follows in the same foot steps from were Lovett left off with "Ensenada;" I'm sure the new CD will be embraced by his numerous fans. Several selections from the new disc were played tonight.

Set List
That's Alright (I'm Not From Texas)
All My Love Is Gone
Truck Song
Cute As A bug
My Baby Don't Tolerate
In My Own Mind
Big Dog (Lovett wrote this song about his dog on the same day he got a speeding ticket)
Working Too Hard
Nothing But A Good Ride
You Were Always There
Nobody Knows Me
If I Had A Boat
Give Back My Heart
If I Were The Man
L.A. County
Don't Let Your Deal
Good Intentions
San Antonio Girl
Wallisville Road
I'm Going To Wait

Church Song
I'm A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord

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