Another elaborate festival comes to a close in Montreal: Le Festival International Nuits D'Afrique. For a short, but busy, period (almost two weeks) Montrealers were graced with both indoor and outdoor shows that brought the sounds and sights of Africa to our ears and eyes. There was even the option of tasting some of the exotic cuisine imported to our metropolis. With 400 international and local artistes to entertain this beautiful city with the infectious sounds of the drums, the cora and the shakers there was little time when the air wasn't thick with an infectious beat.

Antibalas rocked the Medley. Aurlus Mabele and Diblo Dibala brought Loketo to our feet. Maria de Barros enthralled us with her voice. Tatouages made our knees weak. Boucar Diouf unleashed his humor on us. Zal Sissokho captivated us with the cora. The African Dance Workshops gave us some hope of long-needed rhythm. And King Mensah wrapped it up with an unforgettable energetic and captivating performance. All these artistes and more brought a taste of African music to our city of festivals.

Over 140,000 people attended the shows surpassing the organizers' expectations. Clearly, if you didn't attend you missed out. Hold on though…Nuits D'Afrique goes on all year long! In the month of August, La troupe Benso Sodia gives us a taste of theatre and music. Les Ballets Africains put on a phenomenal dance spectacle and Les Amazones, an all female drumming band, treat us to a throbbing jubilation.

Also, Alpha Blondy and the Solar System are still scheduled to perform so you might have not missed out…yet!

Les Nuits D'Afrique was an event not to be missed so make sure to be back same time next year in July. See you there!

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