Aicha Mint Chighaly

This album features music of the Mauritanian griots which is called "Azawan." This style conforms to a specific musical theory with it's own unique repertoire. Common instruments used are the ardin harp which is played only by women., the tidinit lute played by men and the large tbal which is Continue Reading


Your soundtrack options for the summer just improved by leaps and bounds with Rush's latest release entitled "Feedback." The selections on this disc include a sampling of songs that inspired the band in their garage band youth. Following Rush's exceptional 30 year career, these Canadian rockers continue to do what Continue Reading

Tragically Hip

Tragically Hip fans buy their albums and go to their concerts for several reasons. In Between Evolution explores all those reasons. Hardcore, gritty rock songs, tender, reflective songs and poetry set to music, great guitar sounds and of course the blaring and penetrating sound of Gordon Downie's voice convey the Continue Reading


If you've had enough of jazz that tries to wrap your brain in cellophane and overwhelms you with a cacophony of instruments and sounds, you'll love the latest venture into "future jazz" by Wise. Featuring the instrumental and programming talents of Julien Birot as arranger, Robin Notte on piano and Continue Reading

Silver Hearts

The Silver Hearts latest CD, Our Precious City, is (to put it in one word) precious. With over 17 tracks covering styles from Hillbilly to Gospel to Jazz to Boogie Woogie to electronica and back again; it is an entertaining trip down the musical American lane. You could say that Continue Reading