Beastie Boys

This is not just a pretty face or amazing cover art, "The Boys" are back from their extended hiatus. Their first album in six years calls back to the city that shaped them as they grew and gives a nod to Brooklyn's Albee Square Mall. Music lovers will definitely find a strong groove going on with this up-tempo smooth production. There are flavours of vintage electro-style party beats but without the sonic eccentricities that coloured earlier albums. Those who appreciate the 'old-school' style will delight in the quick improv lyrics and some major variations in music extremes. While some may miss the heavy guitar sound from the album "Check Your Head", I for one love the well-programmed beats with dead on samples and scratches. Although I loved the live rock sound that the Boys excelled in, I also adore the clarity and high energy found here. The difference is more then worth the change.

As part of the entourage who helped make rap a big deal for the mainstream, the Beastie Boys keep true to their personal agendas. They've never sold out to top the charts but instead kept the beats coming hard with sharp lyrics that often satirized political agendas to satisfy their fans. They made the genre better and they're continuing to work towards music's future. They are one of the first bands to embrace MP3 technology and go so far as to use it to promote their music. It must be working because they debuted as Number One, sold 360,000 copies in their first week and the numbers are growing. A great album to own for the music and the cover art.

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