Dum Dum Project

Dum Dum Project's sound is as unique as their name. So who are the masters behind this creative mischief? Sean Dinsmore (programming, turntables, occasional vocals), Jason Goodrow (bass, guitar, sitar, keyboards) and Phil Painson (drums, science). This Indian group combines a number of different styles to produce their electronica sound. The band's influences range from The Beatles to Outcast, Talvin Singh and Ravi Shankar. Dum Dum Project's music has even been used in various middle eastern films. What makes their music so riveting? Dum Dum Project mixes culturally opposite styles :dance beats infused with chilled out ghetto beats. This mix of east meets west is what has made Dum Dum Project a hit in the Asian dance club scene. "Desi Vibes" portrays this infusion wonderfully, from trance-esque songs such as "Indipop" to hip-hop influenced songs like "Bajaj Breakdown". It's no wonder the band decided to rerelease this album: "Desi Vibes" originally came out in 1999 but has since been remastered and includes the bonus track "Jaia Ganesha feat. The 1 Shanti". Other tracks to shake your derriere to: "The Sound", "Hello, Hello", "Mind Expansion" and "Air India".

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