Fear Zero

Can East meet West? The instant popularity of Fear Zero's debut CD proves that Canadians in general can agree on at least one thing – great music! We might not be able to keep a political party in the majority but give us great music talent and the debate ends. The band's first single "Satellite" got major radio play throughout the rest of Canada before making its way to Canada's best city when it comes to music appreciation! This young band has been together barely a year but the four members: songwriter /vocalist / guitarist Ed Sadler, guitarist Jeremy Harrison, bassist Torry and Drummer Thom Schmidlin are cemented into a strong partnership. Their popularity grew mainly because of their live performances where strong talents seem to blend into a perfect mix and match.

Their sound is not heavy metal, even though the name suggests something rough, but instead fits the anxious sounding modern rock. Somewhere between Matthew Good and Matchbox 20 on the Canadian scale of damn good rock these guys are building a name for themselves that promises an individual seat in this generation's music. From learning to deal with abuse to the crazy city dating scene (finally someone is singing about this painful pitiful farce we all go through) these are songs that hit the core of who we are. This is definitely a strong first album that shoots these guys to the front of the tired pack; the real question is, can they up the ante in their second offering?

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