Hound Dog Taylor

The roughest and cruddiest blues coming from Chicago in the 70's was propagated by a badass dogg called Hound Dog Taylor and his backing band The HouseRockers. Alligator Records, spawned for the purpose of encapsulating the grit and rawboned energy characteristic of Hound Dog's music. Release the Hound contains 13 live tracks and 3 studio cuts that hiss, crackle and pop with the crass, foot stomping folly that rocked Western and Middle American crowds for almost a decade.

From shuffles to boogies to straight out traditional blues, Release the Hound is an unremitting upsurge of energy, drunken babble and simplistic but bone crushing funkiness. What'd I say, One more Time, Sadie and Gonna Send you back to Georgia along with a score of other numbers, are as reckless as James Dean and as uncooked as sushi. So get out your whiskey and dirty glasses and kick the crap out of each other to the music of the baddest mutt ever known to Chicago.

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