Nagaswaram In The Carnatic Tradition (Southern India)

South Indian musicians O.K. Subramaniam (oboe), N.V. Sankara (violin), A. Balakrishnan Kamath (drum), D.Vinodkumar (frame drum) and R. Pai Sreekanth (drone) recorded their album "Nagaswaram In The Carnatic Tradition" last year in Kerala. The music of South India is, as mentioned in the CD slip, a meditation on the Divine. A search for self-knowledge through religious music. Carnatic music is considered to be a classical style that is widely popular in India. For those of you who are curious to learn more about this genre of music, the CD slip offers plenty of detailed information about instruments, the history of Carnatic music and some insight into the six tracks featured on this CD. The song selections honor composers from the 15th century to the 1900's. Music to discover.

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