Well, it's all coming to an end. One of the greatest jam bands to follow in the footsteps of the Grateful Dead is finally ready to shelf the magic and move on to something new. Some say that this album delivers the most commanding songs of the bands sixteen-year recording career. Produced by Tchad Blake (who also produces Los Lobos and Elvis Costello) the band pulls all the right strings to make this album one of their best. They've gone beyond their original sound to explore the dark classic rock sounds (think Pink Floyd) in tracks like "A song I heard the Ocean Sing". But don't be afraid that the album will drag you down into melancholy when you're already sad about the whole break up deal! There are great hints of pop, funk, gospel added to the complex improvisational skills that clearly define Phish. The track "Connection" is one of those melodic beauties that use shimmering harmonies to draw the listener deep into the band's spell. There are several skilled piano ballads gracing the album, "Army of One" being the best and "Crowd Control" has such wickedly sharp wit to make almost anyone smile. At least, that is, if they have a sense of humour – and really, who among the Phish crowd doesn't? "Grind" is a great ending to the CD, it wraps it up and yet leaves you wanting more… Maybe this is why their 'final' concert in Vermont sold out in record time even though the tickets were 150$ a pop. Maybe Phish is hitting their peak or maybe they're getting ready to get even better-we may never know. Ironically rumours of an upcoming Phish spring tour are already circulating; who knows.

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