Your soundtrack options for the summer just improved by leaps and bounds with Rush's latest release entitled "Feedback." The selections on this disc include a sampling of songs that inspired the band in their garage band youth. Following Rush's exceptional 30 year career, these Canadian rockers continue to do what they do best, play solid rock and roll. Imagine rock classics like the Yardbird's "Heart Full of Soul" and The Who's "The Seeker" with Rush's unique blend of high octane rock. Geddy Lee (vocals and bass), Neil Peart (drums and percussion) and Alex Leifson (guitars) add an enchanting twist to the music you've been listening to most of your lives. From the first song "Summertime Blues" to the last note in "Crossroads," you will delight in this CD. The only flaw on this album is that with only 8 songs, it is too short. One does not have to be a Rush fan to enjoy this album, only a fan of a rocking sound and great music. To accompany the new album release, a 30th anniversary world tour is also under way. Anyone who hasn't seen Rush in concert should not miss this show, just ask any Rush veteran.

Track List

Summertime Blues (Cochran)
Heart full of Soul (Gouldman)
For What it's Worth (Stills)
The Seeker (Pete Townsend)
Mr. Soul (Neil Young)
Seven & Seven Go (Geddy Lee)
Shapes of Things (McCarty)
Crossroads (Johnson)

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