If you've had enough of jazz that tries to wrap your brain in cellophane and overwhelms you with a cacophony of instruments and sounds, you'll love the latest venture into "future jazz" by Wise.

Featuring the instrumental and programming talents of Julien Birot as arranger, Robin Notte on piano and Guillaume Poncelet on the trumpet, Wise's first album Electrology juxtaposes the free form of jazz against the starchy, cold, logical aspect of electronic music programming. Wise develops a blissful marriage of the two through conflict; an antagonistic musical duel runs the 10 tracks of the album. Conflicted or not, the end product has to be noted for pure instrument sounds, crisp and clean vocals and seamlessly integrated electronica that creates an eclectic mix of swing, soul, hip-hop and jazz. Also joining this successful maiden voyage made by Wise are three staples of the European jazz circuit, Flavio Boltro, David Linx and Julien Lourau, add their own distinctive flair. It's apparent that no expense was saved in the production of this CD; over 17 other musicians of mixed ethnicities and ages gathered to create the perfect blend of multiple cultures and their sounds. The track titles even reflect the eclectic nature of the music with titles such as: Paname Panic, Insights, First Notte, Trail of Tears Part 1 & 2, Eleven Part 1 & 2, Le Troisieme Homme, Blue and Interstellar Smoke. Electrology by newcomers Wise is an audio-trip without any nasty side-effects.

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