Matthew Good

While Good was never an artist to get stuck in a rut he has really branched out in a different direction with this record. The vocals are still strong; the listener is getting the front row view of what is going on in Good's head and it's still interesting. Rather, it's the instrumental part of this record that has changed. Good has morphed his style into a 60's Rock band feel for this album. With more of an emphasis on blues with a touch of Southern twang, this album may take a couple revolutions to get accustomed to. It's not bad, it's just different. The songs are definitely more political; "Poor Man's Grey" and "North America for Life" will definitely start you thinking and if you were tempted to turn off your brain as soon as the record stopped the hidden track "Hopeless" will push you a little bit further. The track "Ex-Pat" is more than worthy of Pete Townshend, which isn't surprising considering Good's regard for the guitar genius. Songs like "Empty Road" and "Alert Status Red" are premium Good style and keep one listening and waiting for more. A definite landmark in what makes Canadian music awesome, Good is one of our best kept secrets who continually refuses to sell out or lower his standards. His determination to make a new record every time has produced some great albums and if White Light isn't my favourite yet, it still deserves a respectable acknowledgement for the Good quality.

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