The little pony that could is back, and complimented by extras included on the DVD. The story of pony express courier Frank Hopkins (Viggo Mortensen), and his trusty mustang pony that never lost a race, is just as enjoyable on the small screen because one can catch it in its wide-screen edition splendor. Director Joe Johnston and Mortensen do a terrific job of bringing to existence the real-life story of long-distance horse racer Hopkins (who was a complete pathological liar – but who cares, this is a movie about fun). As if taking part in "The Ocean of Fire", the 3,000-mile horse race across the Arabian Desert, isn't hard enough the movie features subplots around competitors who plot to win no matter what. The Sheik (Omar Sharif) who hosts the race has a pretty but stubborn daughter (Zuleikha Robinson) to further complicate the entire mix. This is a fun-spirited adventure movie that isn't too extreme for the younger members of the family to enjoy. So pop in your microwave popcorn and relax with the knowledge that you can pause at any moment for a break in the privacy of your own home.

Special Features:
-"Sand & Celluloid" a making-of featurette that spans nine minutes.
-Computer enhanced features of "America's First Horse" to prolong the movie experience.

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