Simpson’s Gone Wild

Trust director David Silverman to gather four completely crazy editions of the Simpson's into one dubious box set. It is interesting though, that somehow they all manage to circle around the same issue: satirizing the dark desires lurking within the majority of people's hearts. Whether it is the wild lust that we all feel, yet often deny and damn, or the painful greedy desire to be rich and famous-these are the dark elements that fire our nation's dreams; but hidden under the colourful humour so characteristic of the Simpson's. There is no topic out of reach for this show's wicked sense of satire.

On the surface Homer's Night Out, The Mansion Family, Sunday Cruddy Sunday and Homer the Moe are completely random and do not belong together. It is very easy to say that Fox is reaching to make a few more dollars off a successful, but fading, franchise before it collapses. Homer in Night Out must learn to deal with his desires and how other people perceive them – especially Bart. The Mansion Family shows the Simpson's, and especially Homer, learning how to deal with the hunger for monetary goods. Homer the Moe depicts characters forgetting who they really are in their attempt to become more successful with their dreams (this show also includes guest appearance by R.E.M.) Therefore, three of these wildly different shows do have a bottom line connection. This DVD is not to be missed by any Simpson's fan.

Special DVD Features:
– Subtitles in English, French and Spanish.
– A short feature with the 'best of' moments for Krusty the Clown.

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