Bill Bruford’s Earthworks

When considering the intricate nature of the music created by Yes, many might compare there sound to the complexities of Jazz. On that note, having drummer Bill Bruford lead his very own Jazz ensemble might seem fitting considering his experience with music of the unique kind. Mr. Bruford unorthodox artistic propensities comes to life on Earthworks live disc clearly displays. "Random acts of Happiness" was recorded last year at Yoshi's in Oakland California and certainly proves Bruford's craftsmanship in terms of creating first rate Jazz that goes beyond and between the standards.

Backed by Tenor and Soprano Sax player Tim Garland, Pianist Steve Hamlilton, and bassist supernova Mark Hodgson, Bruford and company conjure up a bag of musical wizardry and magic that is nothing short of entertaining and stupefying. Although the band romanticize the experience with a tender gut warming number like "Seems like a Lifetime", "Trdmontana," "Modern Folk" and "One of a Kind Parts 1 and 2", just to name a few, are musical Roller-coasters that make La Ronde rides look like a McDonald's kiddie playground. Although there are vestiges and moments of traditional jazz that slip in here and there, Bill Bruford's Earthworks is a unique album worthy of several spins on your disc player.

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