Jenifer Aubry

Jenifer Aubry's music will rekindle your hope for Montreal's percolating array of talent. The follow up to her successful EP "Duneland" is a full-length affair titled "Bubble" and is an awe-inspiring production that highlights her vast talents as singer /songwriter.

Aubry's vocals may echo that of Sarah McLauclen but Aubry's songs haunt you like a restless spirit. It seems like she is coming from a dark place brimming with emotion that channels itself through exotic and airy tunes. No, no, Aubry doesn't write psychedelic music but does not fail either in transporting listeners to a parallel universe. "Wake up man," "No more War", "Perfect Alibi" and "Seven Years" are only a few examples of Aubry's capacity to write mature and contemplative lyrics. With the first chapter of her musical journey already indicating tremendous potential, Aubry seems ready to become the next blazing Canadian star.

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