Yes / September 5, 2004

I hope you were among the fortunate 2,000 plus fans that attended last night's Yes concert under the stars. Yes members Steve Howe (Guitars), Rick Wakeman (keyboards) and Alan White (drums) and Yes' originators Jon Anderson (vocals / guitars / percussion) and Chris Squire (bass guitars) strolled onto their ominous stage at around dusk (7:30pm). The band's present personnel emerged in Britain during the heady early 1970's. This 2004 combination of virtuosi musicians is responsible for most of the band's musical repertoire.

Incredibly, Yes is celebrating their 35th anniversary; they are a big part of the soundtrack of my life. Yes' mélange of prog-rock, classical, pop-rock and psychedelic musical visions have appealed to millions of music listeners throughout the globe. According to Rick Wakeman the band has no plans to record a new studio album in the foreseeable future. In the interim the band mixes up their set-lists nightly, just to keep the band on their collective toes.

As has always been the case, Jon Anderson thanked everyone for coming to the concert and reminded us of the importance of love in our lives. This may seem ostentatious to some, but Anderson's sentiments are heartfelt and legitimate; he truly represents himself in a very candid light.

Renowned artist Roger Dean designed an incredible inflatable stage. The surreal stage set-up added to the wondrous sonic bliss Yes emanated for their almost 2 hour and 15 minute concert.

The night featured several high-lights including an acoustic "Long Distance Runaround," "Wonderous Stories" and a re-worked "Roundabout." Unfortunately, I was hoping to hear several more of my favorite songs including: "Starship Trooper," "Perpetual Change," "Close To The Edge" and the lilting "Don't Kill The Whale." The Yes song catalogue is so immense that the band couldn't possibly perform all of my favorite songs in just one concert.

Younger music fans unfamiliar with "Yes" yet into "Radiohead," "Air" and The "Flaming Lips", would surely embrace Yes, if the connection were made.

From my recollection of my first Yes concert (over 25 years ago); Yes has not lost a beat and have even improved like a fine wine. I hope that anyone left untouched by the magic of Yes will get an opportunity to see them soon. Check out this incredible band the next time they visit your home town.

Set List

Going For The One
Sweet Dreams
I've Seen All Good People
South Side OF The Sky
Long Distance Runaround (Acoustic)
Wonderous Stories (Acoustic)
Roundabout (Acoustic)
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Keyboard (solo)
Your's Is No Disgrace
And You & I

Every Little Thing

Thanks to:
*****Steve of the Champlain Valley Fair, you made our visit to Vermont fun and made our jobs easy.

*****Paul (Yes' Road Manger) for helping us put this review together; you are the glue that keeps the unit together.

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