4 Strings

Dutchman Carlos Resoot started off in the music business 9 years ago as a trance producer under the moniker 4 Strings, which was later attributed to Resoot's trance collaborative. 4 Strings' first hit entitled "Take Me Away (Into The Night)", featuring Vanessa, was huge in Europe. The instrumental version of the song became an anthem in the clubs, while the lyrical version was a huge success on the radio. Resoot has had a great amount of support from fellow trance DJs Paul Van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto and Judge Jules. "Turn It Around" marks the second release from 4 Strings, with the album's title track already on the Billboard Top 20 Dance Chart. The album is a collection of brilliantly crafty dance tracks that are hot, without being trendy. 4 Strings provide a combination of house and trance, producing sounds that will sooth your soul. The best tracks feature Vanessa's soothing voice, which blends seamlessly with the infectious dance beats. Listening to this album promotes feelings of total relaxation, while leaving you feel totally energized. A solid electro album you should definitely get your hands on. Best tracks are: "Turn It Around", "Come Closer", "Crash And Burn" and "Obstacles."

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