"Joyful Rebellion" is the latest artistry from K-Os. In order to understand what K-Os is projecting in his work, it is essential that the listener take the time to read the first page of the linear notes to this album. Here you will find a page on K-Os' philosophy on the relationship between humans and nature. His discourse says that when artists do not evolve, art becomes repetitive and thus the artist looses his credibility. What is music when it's just entertainment or just for the money? K-Os compares this phenomena to "watching monkeys at the zoo". K-Os presents an additional discourse on his interpretation of style and form in hip-hop music. He speaks of hip-hop as a science, which can be broken down into a series of essential elements as the driving force. K-Os delivers the same strong sense of wisdom through each of the songs on "Joyful Rebellion". He mixes hip-hop, funk and acoustic melodies to create a sound unique to his style. This is one hell of a good album. K-Os knows where it's at. Best songs are: "Emcee Murdah" "Crucial", "The Love Song", "Dirty Water" and "One Blood".

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