Miss Kittin

Miss Kittin (nee Caroline Herve) is hot right now. And by hot I mean on fire. So hot that her name is being dropped like a sack of hot potatoes. Here is a woman who is getting full credit for her talent, as opposed to her looks (though she isn't lacking that department). This French electro genius has been featured in numerous magazines and has been performing show upon show over in Europe. In the past 8 years, Miss Kitten has paired up with over 20 electro acts, such as Tricky, Goldenboy and Chix On Speed to name a few. Recently, Miss Kittin visited Montreal where she spun a set in the wee hours of the morning at Aria after hours club. The crowd was monstrous, with spectators being forced to listen to her set from other rooms in the club, due to such a huge turnout. With all the media attention, one would not have assumed that "I Com" is only her first solo album. Here she sings in French, English and German, to the beat of a variety of styles ranging from electro-punk to trashy Europop. Best tracks are: "Professional Distortion", "Requiem For A Hit", "Kiss Factory", "Soundtrack Of Now" and "Clone Me".

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