They say never to judge a book (or a CD in this case) by its cover. The cover of Otep's "House Of Secrets" is an exception to that rule. With a dark, ghost-like image, this cover is menacing, as is the band's music. Most disturbing of all is the first track: "Requiem". Here we witness a fight between a screaming man and a whimpering woman. The fight is just barely audible and accompanied by a mysterious church bell sound and cymbal scraping resembling the sound of knives being sharpened. Immediately after, Otep Shamaya's (vocals) booming voice sets in for "Warhead", with Shamaya's voice being a cross between the wailing of Slipknot's front man and the depressive moaning and whispering of Marilyn Manson. There are even slower tracks on this album, which are nothing short of horrifying. The soft eerie vocals on these songs somehow bring to mind the creepy music from the classic thriller "The Shining". Shamaya is joined by musicians Greg Wells (guitar and a variety of other instruments), Evil J (bass) and Joey Jordison (drums). What sets Otep apart from other metal bands is that they really experiment with their music. Instruments played on this album include didjeridoo, metal strips, celeste, piano as well as various percussion and electro sound design. Otep has an original style that is seldom seen amongst today's metal bands. Refreshingly spontaneous and equally freaky. Best songs are: "Warhead", "House Of Secrets", "Gutter" and "Suicide Trees".

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