Papa Roach

t's been a while since we last heard new music from Jacoby Shaddix (vocals), Jerry Horton (guitar/vocals), Tobin Esperance (bass/guitar/vocals) and Dave Buckner (drums/vocals), otherwise known as Papa Roach. The boys are finally back sporting' new looks and a new album that's equally rockin'. With their third album, Papa Roach have endured some serious transformations. While they still have the heavy alternative edge that they've been known for, "Getting Away With Murder" has a more evolved and refined sound. This time around, Papa Roach have put more precision and technicality into their music, allowing for a more structured sound. Papa Roach have always approached serious topics in their music. Their first hit "Last Resort" was about suicide, with a video featuring troubled teens. Papa Roach's second single "Broken Home" offered a first hand look at Shaddix' childhood amongst parents who fought continuously. Their new album, "Getting Away With Murder" follows in the same footsteps. It's something of a power mantra, which screams "I can get through anything and nothing can hold me down". If you're looking for motivation, inspiration or hope this album will be your greatest companion. Best tracks are: "Blood", "Not Listening", "Stop Looking, Start Seeing", "Getting Away With Murder" and "Scars". This album also features a video clip on the making of "Getting Away With Murder".

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