Penelope Cruz Interview

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz took Montreal by storm on a recent visit. Blowing into town to chat about her latest film Don't Move. The stunning artist was accompanied by Sergio Castellitto, her co-star and director of the intense character drama. Cruz spoke mainly about her performance in the movie, which is being compared to last year's Oscar
winning turn by Charlize Theron in Monster. While Cruz was forced to throw vanity out the window for the role of an emotionally abused woman named Italia, she was very comfortable with the character which she was playing. Cruz spoke about Italia's fragility and compared the frail woman to a battered animal. Cruz agreed that portraying such raw and emotional individuals wasn't an easy task, but that you must take risks when making a film. Not only did Cruz have to get down and dirty for the role, but she also had to speak Italian throughout the film. Though Castellitto praised Cruz's grasp of the language, she said that she would only accept the role if the director allowed the actress to perform with a Spanish accent. When asked about why it was important to screen the film in Montreal, the actress spoke about the importance of the city, stating that she has filmed three films here in the past year–one of them being "Head in the Clouds," which premiered at this year's festival. While she had so many nice things to say about Montreal, Cruz also said that she would be willing to travel anywhere and everywhere to promote this film. She is that proud-and for good reason. When asked about her passionate kiss with Charlize Theron in "Clouds," Cruz simply brushed it off, stating that she was simply doing her job. Although she has no trouble speaking French, Cruz decided to speak in English for the interview and seemed extremely comfortable the entire time. By the time the insightful encounter was up, Cruz had proven that she is so much more than a pretty face.

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