Phoneix hail from the land of the romance: France. This poetic quartet is composed of: Thomas Mars (vocals), Christian Mazzalai (guitar, backing vocals), Laurent Brancowitz (guitar, backing vocals, keyboards) and Deck D'Arcy (bass, keyboards, backing vocals). These guys croon collectively about love and women through smooth, soulful melodies. Their sound is a mélange of acoustic and electric guitar rhythms, layered in such a way that just flows through your body. Phoenix blend elements of pop, hip hop and rock, without being overly dominant in any one area. Their songs resonate with feel-good vibes, acting as the perfect accompaniment to a sunny summer's day. It's equally the kind of music that could make you feel hotter than you really are. It's the kind of funky ambient music to play when entertaining your coolest, hippest friends. Phoenix has the credibility many bands can only wish they had (the album was even recorded in their basement!). Sophistication, cohesion and most of all style is what makes Phoenix worth a listen. Best songs are: "Run, Run, Run", "Victim Of The Crime". "If It's Not With You" and "Alphabetical".

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