Richard Marx

Who is Richard Marx best enemy? Maybe it's a certain someone, or maybe it's love itself. Either way, it's the inspiration for Marx' latest album "My Own Best Enemy": a collection of powerful of songs. Marx' sound is a combination of progressive rock mixed with a touch of blues. The best way to describe the vibe of this album is to create a scenario. Picture yourself driving along an open road on a hot summers day: windows down, wind in hair and sun in eyes. The perfect added touch would be to have "My Own Best Enemy" blasting from the stereo. The slower paced songs on the album sparkle like a starry night's sky. Whichever image you choose to attribute to Marx' music, there's one thing that's for sure: this is an honest, romantic, soulful album which will strike a chord with fans of Blue Rodeo, Bryan Adams and John Mayers. Best songs are: "When You're Gone", "Ready To Fly", "Again", "Someone Special" and "Falling".

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