Rise Against

Rise Against are a fierce political punk band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. The band formed in 1999, as an offshoot of the band 88 Fingers Louie, in which Joe Principe (bass) played. Tired with the way punk rock has come to sound, Rise Against wanted to produce an original punk rock sound. Their influences stem from old school hardcore outfits such as Minor Threat and Bad Brains as well as post hardcore and older emo bands such as Fugazi and Braid. While many punk bands whine and complain, Rise Against prefer to put a positive spin on their lyrics. Rather than cry about all the problems in the world, these guys have set out to make a change. The band supports many causes, such as fighting against racism in punk rock, animal rights, and inhumane electro-shock therapy on patients. The band's passion for these causes really comes out in their music. The vocals are extremely powerful, as Tim McIlrath (vocals/guitar) screams his heart out (with the occasional singing on the side). McIlrath, Chris Chasse (guitar), Joe Principe (bass) and Brandon Barnes (drums) produce enough ferocity to blast a hole through a wall, balanced by a melodic side that bleeds with emotion in each note played. Best songs are: "The First Drop", "Life Less Frightening", "Blood to Bleed", "Give It All", and the unexpected acoustic track, "Swing Life Away".

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