Robbie Rivera

Robbie Rivera is a Miami based produced, remixer, DJ and label owner. "Do You Want More" marks Rivera's very first album. Rivera spins electro house with the occasional dash of reggae and dancehall. British-esque vocals can be heard on most of the tracks: a homage to Jim Morrissey and electro gods, Underworld. Rivera's musical inspiration comes from bands of so many different genres, which really shines through in his music. He sites New Order, Depeche Mode, Yellow Man, Bob Marley as his favorite artists. Rivera is no new comer to the scene, he began DJing at weddings and school parties at 13. He later moved to Miami from Puerto Rico to study digital based recording, where he was exposed to new forms of music by artists such as Basement Jaxx, Underworld and Faithless. Rivera began experimenting with new sounds, which eventually lead to the creation his record label, "Juicy Music". In 2000, Rivera released his first single "Bang" which instantly went to #1 on the UK charts. Since then, Rivera has been asked to remix songs by all of the hottest pop, dance and hip-hop artists on the market. His album is no exception to his talent, proving that he's definitely not short on inspiration or creativity. These 13 tracks will have you on your toes in no time. Best tracks on the album are: " Which Way You Going", "Float Away", "Games People Play", "All About You", "Hometown" and "The Drive".

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