Teedra Moses

How is it that members of the opposite sex can cause so much anguish on one another? Why does the simple idea of a certain someone cause so much confusion in the mind of someone else? Welcome to the theory of "Complex Simplicity", Teedra Moses' account of the interaction between males and females. Moses' sings about situations that just about everyone can relate to: "does he like me?" syndrome, "why can't it work out" catastrophes and of course "get out of my life" manifestos. To top it all off, this girl has mega confidence. In "Caution", she warns all the boys: "I lick my lips and then think about how sweet it is to be me. So to date me must be hot". Watch out now, this girl's got sauce. For someone who has such direct lyrics, Moses' has a surprisingly subtle way of delivering her powerful words. Her sultry voice is like chocolate syrup dripping slowly over a scoop of the richest chocolate ice cream imaginable: Slow, smooth, and sexy, to warm R&B beats. Her voice is easily compared to that of Ashanti, with added class and style. "Complex Simplicity" is an honest journey that will leave you feeling comforted, calmed and fulfilled. Best tracks on this album are: "Be Your Girl", "Caution", "Take Me", "Caught Up" and "Last Day".

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