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You've seen the ads for Boomerang and have probably often asked yourself: "How is it that those people in the commercial seem so much cooler than I do?" The answer, my friend, lies in the beats of that funky, sexy, entrancing background music. And luck just so happens to be on your side: now you too can feel the power of sex appeal with a compilation of the coolest digital-rock-meets-hip-hop tracks from Vodka Ice. Here is the perfect accompaniment to a happenin' house party. These songs bring an airy, ambient vibe to any setting, possibly bringing on romantic feelings in those less inhibited… This is the album that will have people talking about your get together long after the party has ended. On the other hand, this album is equally enjoyable when spending a relaxing night on your own (drinking optional). Best songs are: "Hey Now!", "Digi-Tal-Love", "Climbing The Coco Tree" and "Soleil". All songs are written and arranged by George Fok at Epoxy and performed by Jeremy Saindon (rap parts) and Pascale Henrard (French parts).

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