The Hives

Swedish punk rock band "The Hives" have gained a steady set of fans over the years with their old school style of rock music mixed with new wave. Their admirers will be happy to know that the band has released a new album entitled "Tyrannosaurus Hives." "Two Timing Touch and Broken Bones" is a fast paced rock tune followed by "Walk Idiot Walk." "No Pun Intended" and "See Through Head" are average tracks as is "B For Brutus." The song "Missing Link" is another fast paced rockin' tune, heavy on the guitar riffs. "Love In Plaster" is not too impressive, neither is "Dead Quote Olympics. The album ends with "Antidote." Most of these songs follow a similar pace. If you are fans of this group or like old school rock, you might like this album.

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