Los Lobos

Los Lobos are among my favorite American bands and this band from East L.A. is so versatile and capable that they can manifest their sound into any musical idiom. Run to your local record store and pick up "Ride This – The Covers CD;" all of my claims will be affirmed and this latest Los Lobos will make anyone a believer. Most of the seven tracks found on this CD were recorded during there previous recording session for "Ride This." Interestingly the band just released "Ride This" two months ago; their creative juices must be flowing. "Ride This – The Covers CD" includes eclectic tunes not often heard from other artists. Check out these seven tracks and be amazed by the bands sonic diversity. Included are: Tom Waits' "Jockey Full Of Bourbon," Darryl carter / Bobby Womack's "More Than I Can Stand," Elvis Costello's "Uncomplicated," Ruben Blades' "Patria," Richard Thompson's Shoot Out The Lights," Sam Bobrick / Norm Blagman's "It'll Never Be Over For Me" and Dave Alvin's "Marie Marie." East L.A.'s finest rock band sound hard-hitting, fervent and sentimental throughout this fantastic ride.

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