Baby Einstein

Here is the latest addition to the Baby Einstein DVD collection. Baby Einstein is an educational and fun approach to early childhood learning. Through vibrant colours, fun sounds and exciting characters, children are taught everything from counting, shapes and words. The collection caters to children aged 0 to 2 years old, depending on the DVD chosen. Baby da Vinci is an introduction to the body for babies and toddlers. What makes this collection unlike any other is that children learn through an array of different media. They learn to identify each part of their body (including the five senses), with the help of entertaining puppet shows, real life images of children and animals, and even classic paintings. Words are even taught in three languages: English, French and Spanish! The entire interactive DVD is set to the soothing classical sounds of Bach, Morley and Vivaldi. This is a DVD you'll definitely want to pick up for your young child. Here is an innovative way for children to learn about music, art, language, science and nature. What more could a parent ask for? At 33 minutes, it's the perfect length to keep baby entertained.

This DVD features:
-Repeat play.
-Language tracks (Spanish and French)
-Discovery Cards
-The Five Senses
-Puppet Shows
-Story Time With Mimi's Toes and Toy Chest.

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