Darby O’Gill And The Little People

For the First time on DVD comes the magical tale of "Darby O'Gill And The Little People". The story takes place in Ireland, where Darby O'Gill (Albert Sharpe) lives with his daughter Katie (Janet Munro). Katie spends long days cooking and cleaning for Darby. Then one day a man arrives in town named Michael McBride (Sean Connery). He ends up living with the O'Gills, with which Katie couldn't be happier. Darby on the other hand spends his days at the local pub. He is known throughout the town for his wild imagination. Each and every day, crowds gather in the pub to hear Darby's stories about the leprechauns. Of course, no one truly believes ol' Darby, so he sets out to prove to everyone that leprechauns do exist. Darby's first encounter with "the little people" happens as a result of a freak accident, which lands Darby in a mysterious cavern. There, he meets King Brian (Jimmy O'Dea) and the entire leprechaun colony. Darby befriends Brian, despite the king's mischievous character. Like any good leprechaun, King Brian grants Darby three wishes. The adventure of this movie lies within Darby's three wishes…

Special DVD Features:

When Walt Disney created this film back in 1959, Disney wanted his viewers to believe that leprechauns are real. To make this convincing, Disney hired a state of the art special effects team to create this illusion for the movie. The special features section on this DVD gives an inside look at the works of these artists in: "Little People, Big Effects". This segment gives the viewer an idea of just how much work was put into the film, in an era before computers for movie production existed. "Mr. Connery Goes To Hollywood" features a present-day Sean Connery, reliving the magic of "Darby O'Gill And The Little People". He discusses what it was like working with Walt Disney and the cast, and even speaks a bit about the production of the film. As mentioned earlier, Disney was fascinated by the notion of leprechauns. He was so intrigued, that he created a TV show entitled "I Captured The King Of The Leprechauns", which is featured on this DVD. The show is about how Disney went about the pre-production of this movie: how he met with leprechaun specialists, and even his first encounter with King Brian, where Disney asked Brian's permission to do a film about the little people. "Darby O'Gill And The Little People" is a fun film that the entire family will enjoy.

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