Robocop Trilogy /MGM

1987 brought us the original Robocop, half man, half machine. This science-fiction flick garnered positive critical acclaim. The plot was simple yet effective. Officer Alex J. Murphy (Peter Weller) suffers an accident and artificial parts are used to turn him into the most efficient one man / machine "cyborg" crime fighting unit in the world. The first Robocop was sensational. Paul Verhoeven's directing was intelligent, the writing was unique, although I remember several people comparing Robocop to The Six Million Dollar Man. Everything about the first Robocop movie was superb.

After the mammoth success of the original Robocop it was immediately evident that a sequel would follow. In 1990 Robocop II rolled into theaters everywhere. Most of the leading cast actors returned, including: Peter Weller as Officer Alex J. Murphy / Robocop, Nancy Allen returned as Officer Anne Lewis and Dan O'Herlihy as the old man. Irvin Kershner replaced Paul Verhoeven in the director's chair. The directorial shift may be the most evident difference between the first two films. Paul Verhoeven conveyed a much more polished and fresh look to the introductory installment. Yet the violence and action sequences still packed a punch. The plot was also clever and not regurgitated.

Unfortunately, Robocop III was a bit of a flop. None of the previous cast members returned and this time Fred Dekker was directing the scenes and partially responsible for this film. Peter Weller did not return as Robocop in this film, Robert John Burke replaced Weller as Robocop and did an adequate job. Robocop III offers up several interesting scenes and scenarios. Yet, I think it's a matter of quantity vs. quality; less can be more. For instance, Robocop can now fly and is fighting the OCP who are destroying the city. The violence factor and the special effects are the core elements that make this trilogy a cohesive collection. This box-set is a must have for all Robocop fans.

Special DVD Bonus Features:
-Deleted scenes; these 4 deleted scenes are actually a lot of fun to watch.
-Flesh and Steel – the making of Robocop, shows us how the over-all look was conceived.
-Featurettes- include 2 scenes "The Making Of Robocop" and "The Shooting Of Robocop." Both sequences are interesting to check out.
-Audio Commentary- watch the film while the director, co-writer and executive producer lead you through the movie.
-Storyboard; opens viewers eyes to the conception of Robocop to the actualization of the film with the helpful commentary of animator Phil Tippett.
-Photo Gallery
-Original Theatrical Trailers
-TV Spot

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