The Lion King 2

In the final volume of the Lion King trilogy, this 2 disc special edition is a worthy addition to the collection featuring 6 new songs, new characters, dazzling, brilliant animation and tons of bonus features. Best of all, our favourite characters are back to amuse and entertain us in this Romeo and Juliet story of family feuds, and the wisdom of that allows us to trust. In the circle of life, a new cub is born to Simba and Nala, a girl, Kiara. Simba is especially overprotective of his daughter, but like her father, Kiara is independent and doesn't want to be treated like a princess. She wants to prove herself to her father and not have to live in the shadows of his past. While out looking for adventure, Kiara meets Kovu, Scar's son. Because she did not know the true identity of Kovu, his mother, Zira wanted Kovu to befriend Kiara and her family so that the "Outsiders", Zira's banished pride, can take over and Kovu can become king. When a plan is staged for Kovu to save Kiara's life, Kovu asked Simba to accept him into their pride. Not knowing who he really is, Simba accepted Kovu, and the events that followed taught everyone a lesson about acceptance and the capacity to forgive. Notable new characters are Zira, played by Suzanne Plechette, who is mean and can be scary to some young children, but whose animation and dialogue are excellent and Nuka, Kovu's brother, played by Andy Dick whose character provides comic relief to the more intense moments. Kiara is played by Neve Campbell, and let's not forget all the original characters including our beloved Timon and Pumbaa.

Bonus Features Disc 1

-Music and More, Disney's Song Collection
-A recap of all the songs with their lyrics
-Backstage Disney, Lion King's Matter of Facts
– Choose this feature to have pop ups appear throughout the movie with interesting facts about the movie.

Bonus Features Disc 2

-Music and More "Love will Find a Way" music video Performed by Heather Headley and Kenny Lattimore
-Games and Activities, Timon & Pumbaa's Virtual Safari 2.0
-Take a ride on an elephant through the Pride Lands. Using the arrows on the remote, choose the elephant's direction and see where the ride takes you.
-Pride Land Games
-Collect grubs with Timon and Pumbaa using the arrows on the remote to choose where you want to find the grubs. Once the grubs are collected there are questions on addition, subtraction and identifying shapes.
"Rafiki's Challenge" Game
-The classic shell game.
-Backstage Disney
Find Out Why
-Timon and Pumbaa answer the following questions:
1. Why is there lightning and thunder?
2. Why do we sneeze?
3. Why don't pandas live in the desert?
4. Why is there wind?
5. Why does an airplane fly?

-Facts about lions, Proud of Simba's Pride
– Interviews with the cast and facts about the production and animation; the Original Short "One by One"
-A kite flying adventure set to African music
-The making of the movie that explains the story, the development of the new characters, the African roots of the new music and more.

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